About Us

Bush Associates Ltd. is a fully integrated investment counselling firm serving individuals, families, estates, trusts and investment holding companies.

Our History

Bush Associates Ltd. was founded by Willard S. Bush in 1968 and initially managed the financial affairs of several Montreal families and trusts. David W. Bush joined the firm in 1973 and assumed the role of President upon Willard Bush’s retirement in 1992.

In 2018, David retired and was succeeded by Tim G. Frantz as President. Tim joined Bush Associates Ltd. in 1993. As President and Lead Portfolio Manager, he is responsible for the overall direction as well as investment management and strategy.

Over the decades, the firm has enjoyed considerable growth due both to the expansion of its client base, largely through referrals, and to the appreciation of assets under management.

Investment Philosophy

Bush Associates Ltd. maintains a conservative approach to investment management in keeping with our objectives of capital preservation and long-term capital growth. Our focus is on large capitalization, blue chip Canadian and U.S. companies that demonstrate strong track records with respect to earnings, management and dividend increases.

We gain exposure to expanding world economies through the businesses of North American multi-national corporations, as well as through direct participation in foreign markets when appropriate. Our equity portfolios are diversified among industries as well as specific holdings within those industries. The selection and weightings of stocks and sectors are based on our own analyses of corporate, industry and economic outlooks as well as external research. 

Investment grade bonds and debentures and top-quality preferred shares make up the fixed income portion of our portfolios. Bonds and debentures are generally a mix of short to medium term maturities to provide flexibility as credit conditions change. The extent of the role of preferred shares versus bonds in the fixed income portion of a portfolio may be dictated to some extent by available yields but also by tax considerations owing to the favourable treatment of dividend income versus interest income.

Investment Process

Discovery &

At our first meeting, we will conduct a complete examination of your current situation and future investment objectives. This will include a discovery of short and long term goals, challenges, investment horizon, tax needs, income requirements and expenses. In respect to our commitment to complete transparency and trust, we will also discuss what you can expect from us in regards to service standards, fees, process and services.

Construction & Implementation

Now we have the crucial information we need to develop your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and construct your portfolio. The IPS will acts as a guide for both you and your portfolio manager in keeping within the 
parameters set out in regards to the asset allocation of equities and fixed income, risk tolerance, tax requirements and time horizon. If estate planning is an important aspect of your relationship with our firm, we will organize your financial affairs to ensure the wealth you have accumulated is preserved for your beneficiaries and heirs.

Monitoring &

Priorities and goals can change, as can markets and economic conditions. It is the responsibility of your portfolio management team to consistently monitor these changes and adjust your financial plan and investment portfolio accordingly. We make it a priority to meet with our clients on a regular basis and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your objectives and goals are being met. The maintenance of your portfolio is just as important as its construction.

Ethical Standards

Bush Associates Ltd. is a totally independent investment counselling firm. We have no financial ties to any other enterprise, nor do we earn remuneration from any source other than client fees.

As members of the CFA Institute, the premier global association for investment management professionals, we strictly adhere to its Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. We are committed to act with integrity, competence and in an ethical manner in all matters concerning our clients’ financial affairs. Due diligence and professional judgement are constantly exercised in the management of our clients’ investment portfolios and in other financial services we may provide.


At Bush Associates Ltd. our fees include more than just investment management. Our integrated and comprehensive approach provides every client with a financial strategy that includes investment planning, ongoing portfolio management, estate planning and the preparation of a Canadian tax return. Quarterly reports are provided, and client review meetings are held whenever, and as often as, the client wishes.

The minimum account size is $500,000

Up to $2 million


of the value of the assets under management for portfolios

over $2 million


of the value of the assets under management for portfolios