Investment & Portfolio Management

Reflecting Clients’ Unique Objectives

In keeping with the nature of our highly personalized service, each portfolio at Bush Associates Ltd. is held as an individual, segregated account. We do not offer pooled funds.

Portfolios are constructed with a mix of equity and fixed income securities appropriate to the client’s unique investment objectives and constraints. Among objectives are the inter-related aspects of return, capital preservation and risk level. Constraints include income requirements, tax status, time horizon, and specific needs. Once the asset allocation has been determined, the individual securities are then selected.

While some clients ask to be kept informed of activities in their accounts on a current basis, we act with full discretion with respect to buying and selling portfolio holdings. Portfolios are reviewed on an on-going basis to ensure that the securities therein remain consistent with the portfolio’s objectives.

Top Down, Macroeconomic Analysis

The construction of your portfolio begins with our overall view of economic conditions across various geographical areas. Macroeconomic and geopolitical factors can effect the overall market, sectors and ultimately the companies within these sectors.

Sector Analysis

We then assess the economic and financial conditions and prospects of a given sector. We look for mature and growing industries, historical performance and current conditions to determine which sectors will perform the best over time and will provide our goal of both growth and safety of capital.

Company Analysis

We look at a company’s operating and financial history and conduct an evaluation of the company’s management and Board of Directors. We also examine a security’s initial and ongoing costs and fees and finally conduct an evaluation of risks pertaining to the security and the issuer.


Based on our research, we construct a concentrated portfolio of 25-35 blue-chip, dividend paying equities and high-quality fixed income securities. Asset allocation within the portfolio depends on the individual investors overall investment goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Income Tax Planning

Focusing on After Tax Returns

The design of a tax efficient investment portfolio, preparation of tax returns and the management of other aspects of a client’s financial affairs, requires a thorough understanding of income tax provisions as they affect the various types of income. This includes a knowledge of the Canadian and provincial income tax acts, tax treaties with other countries and U.S. income and estate taxes.

The maximization of returns depends on both a thorough grasp of a client’s potential tax exposure, and the expertise to organize financial affairs in such a way as to limit tax impact as much as possible.

At Bush Associates Ltd. we have experience and access to resources to deliver comprehensive income tax planning and prepare a yearly tax return for each of our clients.

Estate Planning

Structuring Plans for Maximum Proceeds

For many of our clients, estate planning is an important aspect of their relationship with our firm. They require their financial affairs be organized in such a way as to ensure the wealth they have accumulated will remain as intact as possible as it passes to their beneficiaries and heirs. In many cases, they also wish assurance that what they leave behind will be professionally managed in the hands of their heirs, or on their behalf, through trust funds or other structures.

We partner with a network of professional advisors including notaries, tax lawyers and financial planners, to provide the continuity of financial management clients may desire, and to establish the appropriate vehicles to do so. Our estate settlement services can be part of this continuity.

Ancillary Services

Day-to-Day Financial Management

An individual's financial life is more than stocks and bonds, capital gains, dividends and interest. It’s also tax returns, banking, bills to pay and keeping track of it all – often on both business and personal levels.

Bush Associates Ltd. offers a suite of management services to make financial life easier. These include accounting, bookkeeping and tax return preparation for individuals, estates, trusts and investment holding companies and the payment of household accounts. These optional services are available to all our portfolio clients.